The Bible

Bible Sharing Trust has as a core statement “The Bible is the inspired and only infallible authoritative word of God”.

The Bible is the most important set of writings ever written. It contains the sacred writings of Christianity.

How we approach or think about ‘The Bible’ depends on what’s going on in our life.  There are many opinions and ideas about the Bible; its content and significance. The Bible is not just another book to sit on a library shelf.  It is a collection of sacred scripture. The Christian Bible (sometimes known as the Holy Bible) is divided into two parts. The first is called the Old Testament and contains 39 books of Hebrew Scripture. The second portion is called the New Testament and it has a set of 27 books. The first four books of the New Testament form the Canonical gospels which recount the life of Christ and are central to the Christian faith. 

The Bible  is a collection of 66 books written by about 40 authors, in three different languages, on three different continents, over approximately 1600 years.  

The Bible claims to be inspired and inerrant. This means the Bible claims to be from God and is without error in everything it addresses.

The Bible contains many different styles of writing such as poetry, narration, fiction, history, law, and prophecy. It must be interpreted in context of those styles.  Its the source of the Christian religion in that the Bible contains the words of God and how the Christian is to apply the words of God to his life.

Basically, the Bible describes the origin of man in the Garden of Eden along with his fall into sin and out of fellowship with God.  It then describes how God called out a special people to Himself, the Israelites.  He promised the Israelites a future Messiah who would restore mankind's relationship with God.  The Bible is the account of the work of God in history bringing to fruition His prophetic declarations concerning Jesus. 

Jesus was born of the Virgin, died on the cross, and paid for sins, just as the Bible prophesied in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New.  In short, the Bible points to Jesus, "You search the Scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is these that bear witness of Me," (John 5:39).

The Bible teaches us that forgiveness of sins is found in Jesus alone, "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved,” (Acts 4:12).

Some say that the Bible is nothing more than fairy tales.  But this cannot be for it contains great wisdom and truth verified throughout history as being accurate.  Its historical accounts are flawlessly accurate.  In fact, archaeology routinely demonstrates the accuracy of the biblical records concerning locations and events recorded in the Bible.

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Following a record 4 million Bibles printed at the Amity Press in China last year, the total number of Bibles printed there since the Press was established in 1987 topped the 50 million mark.  All 50 million Bibles have been distributed within mainland China,  mainly to Christians but they are also freely available to anyone who wants a Bible.  The Amity Press was a Bible Society initiative and supporters of Bible Society in New Zealand have contributed generously both to the original building of the Press and the printing of the Bibles.  A hardcover full Bible costs about $2.00 making it very affordable to most Chinese.  “The Amity Bible Press has been called ‘a modern miracle of God, said Bible Society CEO Rev Mark Brown. The Society and Chinese church work closely with the PRC government in the production and distribution of Bibles and intends doing so for as long as there is a need for Bibles in China” said Rev Brown. To learn more about the Bible Society visit

If you have any questions about the Bible we encourage you to make contact with a mature Christian at a Church of your choice and chat about the real issues.