English Learning

English Help (ESOL)

Many people want to improve their english.  Help with English will be found here or when listening to 88fm.  We have a number of bilingual programmes to assist.  

Other assistance can be had from:-

To get along in life its important to know and practice English. When someone comes to New Zealand from another country they often have to learn English.
Many people feel shy and reserved about asking for or getting help.
But the good news is  Its OK to say you don’t understand and need help.  With a little effort and practice things get better.  At 88fm we want to help and encourage listeners in any way we can.      
There is a very good group in Levin ready to help people to learn English.  Called “Language Partners Horowhenua Kapiti Inc” it has a local coordinator  Mr David Harris, with an office Upstairs, NZ Post Building,  Cnr Queen and Oxford Streets, Levin.
Visit:-      First Floor, NZ Post Building,
                Queen & Oxford Streets, Levin
Write:-    PO Box 285,  Levin.
Phone:-   368 6062
Email:-    horowhenua-kapiti@englishlanguage.org.nz   
Web:-      www.englishlanguage.org.nz

Some other tips from 88fm

Many people worry their ‘English is not good’. It must be very hard arriving and working in a country when your first language is not spoken. 
It is OK to ask for help and an explanation of meaning. Do not pretend you understand if you do not. 
Here at Radio 88fm we want to help and encourage listeners.  Even if you are old its OK to learn new things.
Learning English will help you in every day living. Knowing how to react to words when you didn’t know what people were saying especially when there is an unfamiliar Kiwi or other foreign accent. 
Every day talk can be hard. At the Supermarket when searching for the things you need you will hear and see English used in different ways. When someone calls on the telephone you hear their voice but cant see their gestures for clues.
It is OK to ask for something to be repeated by saying sorry I don’t understand please tell me again. If you say what you need then people usually are prepared to help. 
Here are some basics to help you:- 
  • Never be shy about needing explanations.
  • Do not try and save face or pretend when you don’t understand.
  • Stay calm and confident never stress or worry.
  • Check out, plan and prepare events like shopping trips.
  • There is nothing wrong with Chinese and its your right to use the language.
  • Make notes about what you see and need explanation about.
  • Talk about your observations and experiences.
  • Listen to how others speak and get results.
  • Clarify words and meaning. 
  • Ask for coaching and learning assistance

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